Inspired By Heritage & Mission

Curated Blooms Flower Farm offers you an opportunity to reconnect.

It all started with a mission for health for our family of nine and an opportunity to be good stewards of what had been entrusted to us. Neither Greg nor Stephanie had any farming background but sought out other farmer’s expertise, farming literature, and farm tours for direction. Many tears, laughs, and more tears later we are still learning the in’s and out’s of living on land.

We have been tending the soil and pastures on our multigenerational homestead since 2009. Our farm is located just north of The Woodlands in the Piney Woods of Texas. We currently provide all of our own milk, meat, and eggs.

The flowers are a natural extension of the beauty that we wish to create as part of our lifestyle.

Stephanie runs the day to day needs of the Curated Blooms Flower Farm while Greg works off the farm managing his financial firm full time. Greg is the driver of all big equipment and chief engineer of all things irrigation.

Stephanie is passionate about bringing nature to people. There has always been a love of nature, plants, and flowers for her. As a child, exploration of creation was always encouraged and discussed in her home. Many a day was spent outside upturning rocks or studying plants and flowers.

She harbors fond memories of her grandmother encouraging her love of botanicals.  After spending the day at her grandmother’s house, she was always sent home with plant babies in tow. Today, Stephanie intentionally grows several varieties that her grandmother, Lucile, introduced to her.

Each day Stephanie sees firsthand the power of flowers to bring us back to those special moments in our lives. Numerous people have shared the special memories that a specific flower evokes for them. Flowers participate in a myriad of life’s celebrations and share in so many of the human experiences. That human element starts at our farm where flowers are hand selected and carefully curated from seed to harvest.

Our floral varieties continue to stretch and grow as Stephanie taps into her science background. Each flower from our farm has been nurtured during its lifespan by Stephanie and her children. She enjoys the thrill of finding a not-so-common flower to grow and welcomes the challenges and demands presented along the way.

Less and less time is spent around nature as the office and devices become the mainstay of people’s days and natural spaces become more scarce. Curated Blooms Flower Farm offers you an opportunity to reconnect.